Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My Heart Goes Out

I imagine it was coincidence more than agile TV schedule planning, but last night I found "Legally Blonde" in my channel hops.  I think "Legally Blonde" is an amazing movie and I have also seen the musical (which I like because- more singing, although I have a tiny quibble with two character shifts, overall it's very true to the movie.)  So, I watch "Legally Blonde" often finding it on my travels through the channels. 
I was in the mood for something happy.  A storywonk post that seems to have been lost to the internet (or my google-fu) once talked about how the type of books you read has to do with the type of justice you want.  As much as some people make fun of romance novels or mysteries for their formulas, there is something to be said for going in knowing, no matter what, people will fall in love or a criminal will be brought to justice.  And, hey, "Legally Blonde" contains both of those things. And it takes place partly in Boston. (The internet tells me it wasn't so much filmed there, but we'll put that aside.) 
So, people of, in, and near Boston, people with loved ones in Boston, you are in my thoughts.