Monday, April 15, 2013

A New Name

I have decided that the term Washingtonian, while fine and all, is insufficient.  One can be confused for referencing the state, it sounds like that thing that people accuse long term politicians of being, and, so I think we should come up with something new, something DC even.  The problem is it's hard to figure out what works with DC.  DCian, DCite, DCer, none of them sound just right.  They sound more like the time I said logicize because I couldn't come up with the right word. (Oh my god, I just looked it up and logicize is a word!  Apparently I'm a genius. Or an idiot.  Depending on your interpretation. Still, using reason as a verb would have made more sense.  And resulted in less laughter.)
And well, Columbian would lead to the same level of confusion problems.  And using Districter or Districtite is not much better. Districtian is not bad in my opinion, but it seems like the learning curve on that might be high.