Friday, April 26, 2013

Three Interesting Things

1. ALOTT5MA pointed me to this interesting comparison of the increasing age gap that occurs for many leading men in movies as they age, but their co-stars (mostly) do not.  (Okay, everyone ages, but well, go look at the charts.) They include my favorite movie example of such, although they mention the age gap between Richard Gere and Julia Ormond in First Knight, leaving out the tidbit that it was a love triangle with Sean Connery (who was, by my count, 65 in that movie).  Certainly the idea is not that age gaps are bad, but in a movie world where women are often aged up to play grandmothers before their time, it's an interesting phenomenon. 
2. And, in case your social media friends did not pass on this link, Tylenol may help your emotional pain too.  This is an early study, but, seemed to show that Tylenol, in blocking pain receptors, dulled emotional pain too.  It is interesting for what it may say about the brain, and because, well, they used a David Lynch movie and clips from "The Simpsons" in testing.  Or to set bail for a prostitute. (Seriously, it's days like this that I wonder why none of my freshman and sophomore psych experiments were this interesting.  Do they save this stuff for the seniors?) 
3. And, a passing mention on twitter led to being pointed to this post by The Blogess about metal chickens, that, well, certainly brightened my day.