Thursday, January 12, 2012

Perhaps if I Had a Garden, I Could Find Things

We all misplace things from time to time, and honestly, the only thing more annoying that finding something right where you looked the first three times, is finding it somewhere it had no business being.  (The finding part is great, it's the things disappearing part that I still find a bit rude.) 
So, imagine how frustrating it would be to lose something as precious as a wedding ring.  (Actually, my dad lost his wedding ring in my parents first year of marriage.  Fortunately for him and their marriage, he lost it doing a little cliff diving at Waimea while my mom watched.  Although I believe this did help her case that jumping off a cliff was not a great pastime.)
A woman in Sweden lost her wedding ring after removing it to do some baking with the family. They searched all over, even going so far as to take up floorboards to see if it had rolled under.  Then they discovered it sixteen years later on a carrot.  They think it must have fallen into the sink and been scooped up with the potato peels they then composted and sprinkled over the garden. Amusingly, they also feed the compost to the sheep, and then use the sheep dung as fertilizer, so it's possible it detoured that way too. 
But the important thing, is now they've found it.