Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Got No Game

A few people linked to this video on Twitter, entitled "How to Hit on an Asian Girl".  (It should probably be called how not to, but anyway.)  Now, I am not Asian looking enough to get most of this, but having lived in quite a few neighborhoods where street harassment is the norm, I work on the assumption that the street harassment portion is almost like burping, not in that it is natural (because really, cultural heritage aside, I think we should be working on evolving past this) but that people do it reflexively and don't truly expect that "Me love you long time" or "I've never been with a redhead" (which I get now, but trust me when I did not have red hair, I did not experience less harassment) is actually supposed to lead to a relationship or even a date.  (Perhaps I am wrong.  If you out there thought this produced dates, I suggest you re-evaluate. And spend some quality time over at Collective Action (formerly Holla Back DC) and read what the people you are harassing really think.)
But what's horrifying, in the oh-my-god-trainwreck sense, are the longer bits demonstrated in the second portion of the video.  Now part of this is excellent acting, but a lot of this is that it's clear that the male (and all the harassers and flirtation outreachers featured in this video are male) thinks that this is him being culturally aware as he suggests that the lady in question might wish to make him food or discuss what country she emigrated from or the current political situation in Asia and instead is coming across as if he assumes that Asian people only eat or make Asian food (and, in one scenario, only of the kind that they are genetically connected to) and spend a lot of time pondering the politics of places they may be several generations removed from.