Monday, January 23, 2012

I Feel Your Pain, Dude

I have often lamented that while I have injured myself a time or three, my stories about such are usually dull, lacking a certain level of interest.  For example, the first time my knee dislocated I was standing next to a water fountain.  No, I wasn't even drinking from the water fountain, I was talking to the person using the fountain when bam, I was suddenly on the floor. My mother suggested I tell people I was also chewing gum.  (This injury, by the way, resulted in six weeks wearing an ankle to hip cast, followed by several months of physical therapy.) 
I was also standing the next two times my knee dislocated.  So, my big injury stories are basically, I was standing then I fell.
Most of the doctors and nurses said, "Oh what sport were you playing?"  So, I can only imagine that if I was, say, a hockey player and came in with a back injury, most people would assume some sort of aggressive check or fall would be the cause.  In the case of a Kings player, the answer (this time, at least) is eating pancakes.  Now, I would personally argue that eating pancakes is marginally better than I was standing, and I fell, but it's probably worse because people then want to know what kind of pancakes, and were you eating them funny, or perhaps eating them while standing at center ice.  (Answers: vegetarian*, no and no.)
But to give Mr. Penner credit, he is now hosting a charity pancake breakfast, where folks can come and watch him eat pancakes.

*Yes, I am aware most pancakes are vegetarian, but that was his answer.