Tuesday, January 31, 2012

A Letter to a Former Employer

Once again, a hat tip to ALOTT5MA for the link to this one.  (Yes, I'll just convert this to a tumblr in a sec.*) So, we've all had bosses.  (Okay,  some people have avoided bosses so far, but let's move on from that.) And sometimes you leave on good terms and sometimes they are less than good. Sometimes you just got an opportunity you couldn't pass up and sometimes you were secretly praying as you left each day that you wouldn't have to go back in. 
But many of us understand the importance of not burning bridges.  You may fantasize about making a Jerry Maguire-like speech as you head out the door, but you also know that you can never tell which are the folks that your life will circle back around too, so it is best to remain professional.  This applies even when you hear from a former employer who wishes to lure you back for what sounds like the same opportunity you left in the first place.  So, I point you towards Letters of Note, where there is the response from a former slave who was offered his old job back by his former master.

*Kidding! Not that there's anything wrong with that.