Monday, November 28, 2011

I Feel Better About My Job

I think most of us know, for all the ups and downs, there are worse job than ours.  (Heck there are TV shows about it.)  But, in case you needed a reminder why you are not a firefighter (in addition to that whole firefighter risk - and PS. if you are a firefighter, go you!) the London fire brigade has compiled a year's worth of emergency calls include the time ten firefighters had to assist in the removal of a penis ring.  Another man became stuck in a child's toy car (I really want to know if the kid was at home or if this was a chance to regress or what). 
Now their point here was to ask the public to consider that there might be better things that firefighters could be doing with their time (like say, fighting fires) so if people could work on not needing such assistance they would appreciate it. 
And, to end on a happy note, I shall link to firefighters rescuing a kitten trapped in a pipe.