Thursday, November 03, 2011

Fifty Years

In third grade my school's handbook was adorned with the school's "It's Academic" team, who had been triumphant winners that year.  School legend had it that someone had said that a team from a girls school could never win, so it was particularly sweet, even if my closest contact with those seniors and juniors was that picture. 
On entering high school, we often gathered to head to the local NBC station (which, fortunately for me, was fairly close to my house) to attend tapings and cheer for the team.  One year a member of our team was dating a member of a rival school's team, upping the drama quotient.  Attending a taping was a strange thing, the set looks a little shabbier in person.  It seems impossible that it hasn't been touched up over the years, and yet in person, it looks like maybe it hasn't. (I'm sure it has, at some point.) 
The host, Mac McGarry looks exactly like he does on TV.  It's a little eerie.
But it is a neat thing, that as this reflection on "It's Academic" points out, that there is this long running show where cheerleaders, dance teams and marching bands, along with other fellow students and teachers and parents come out to cheer for smart kids.  (I know other areas have their versions of such a thing, I'm simply pleased that there is one here.)
The show has been running since 1961, and Mac McGarry has been the host all this time.  However, he has now retired due to health reasons.  So, thanks, Mr. McGarry for fifty years of hosting.  You will be missed. 

h/t to DCist for the link.