Wednesday, November 02, 2011

7 Things, the Linkety Link Edition

In honor of day 2 of National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), I present seven weird, strange or unusual stories.  In case you are either casting about for ideas, or tired of reading about people casting about for ideas. 
1. A man attempts to fake his own death to try and avoid his probation hearing.   (He will now be serving time for falsifying a distress signal.)
2. A student runs a banned book library from her locker.
3. A woman loses a day after having sex.  Not due to fatigue, but because she experiences amnesia, unable to remember the twenty four hours following orgasm.
4. Okay, this one is Wikipedia, not a story, but I am fascinated to discover that there is a term for those folks on the street trying to get you to give money for their charity - chuggers, a combo of charity and muggers.  (I had been calling them clipboard people, but this is way more fun.)
5. A man spends two and a half hours on DC public transit (no, that's not the amazing part) and arrives at church where folks notice that he has been shot
6. Five things people have used to try and smuggle drugs through the airport.  Including legwarmers.
7. What do you wear to interview a student who ran onto the football field during a game in a banana suit?  Apparently a grape outfit