Wednesday, September 01, 2010

The Best Fiction or So They Tell Me

I was going to wade in on the whole debate that emerged on twitter and across the internet about the New York Times Book Review’s coverage (or lack thereof) of genre fiction, and how it raised some intriguing points about coverage of female focused or penned books and whether a book review should focus on the very highest quality* of books or if it should pay more than nominal attention to the the books more people read, but I am now exhausted having read so much of the coverage so, should you have missed this, I shall point you here, to Jennifer Weiner who kicked this off (as a long time reader of her blog, I will point out she has been talking about this for a long time, it just seems to have sparked something this time). She also provides links to some of the resulting articles and to Laura Lippman’s thoughts. And I will point you to the brilliantly named Monkey See post. And I will point you to the lovely Caridad Ferrer’s thoughts here.

*And yes, I know that assuming that the only quality stuff occurs in non-genre fiction is hugely wrong but that is a whole other rant.