Monday, September 20, 2010

People are Still Fascinating

This weekend I was at the Maryland Wine Festival and then various places in DC. Still found a lot of strange comments, although, yes, some were alcohol enhanced.
I watched one woman pull her car to a dead stop on the highway. She hopped out and dragged her kid out, yanking clothing off and holding the kid over the grass to pee. While I understand it was a more rural highway, it sure seemed like there had to be a safer place to pull over.
-So, you have red hair. Is that why they made you serve red wine. (I answered yes. Seemed useless to explain that I was serving both red and white.)
-Give me your favorite wine. (Which is really code for, I'm just getting drunk now.)
-Pinot noir, please. (Ever since "Sideways", I get asked this once per festival. Even though the winery I volunteer at does not have a Pinot of any kind. Nor do we have anything close, unless by close you mean red.)
Also, (and yes, this turned out much more wine fest focused) somebody had the brilliant idea to make the wristbands gold, which of course meant they were a dingy color that blended in with a lot of people's wrists. Next year I vote for neon pink.