Sunday, September 12, 2010

People are Fascinating

This weekend I was at a congregation event so I was hanging with teens, hanging with adults, eating possibly more garlic bread and ice cream that one should in such a period, and knitting. Now I want to stress, while I am finding amusement in some of the things people said to me, everyone was totally lovely (especially and including the teens).
About me:
"You waiting for your teen?" (Ah yes, just two weeks ago one parent thought I was a teen. Now they think I am a parent. Yes, I know the latter is far more likely.)
"Bread makes you fat."
I responded, but it's yummy. And then the teen patiently explained to me that she was quoting from Scott Pilgrim. Pop culture fail. I did then re-answer, "Bread makes you fat?"
About knitting:
"So what are those really neat things you have there?" (Stitch markers. The Clover kind.)
"So this might take you weeks to finish?" (I should note that last year a small child saw me knitting and saw me again a few hours later, looked and said, "You're not done yet?" So, this is an improvement.)