Monday, August 23, 2010

More Synchronicity

I ran into some more reading synchronicity this weekend. Two books in a row, featuring amnesia. Now amnesia happens a lot more in fiction than real life, but since both of these books came from authors who are on my personal auto-buy list, I was unaware of these plot points until I dove in. It's also somewhat fascinating since they are different (not better or worse, just different) as two books can be. I suppose you could find two books that were more different, but one one hand (shelf?) we have Eileen Dreyer's Barely a Lady - an early Regency story that takes place in Belgium and England about a woman who stumbles across her ex-husband on the battlefield to discover that he is wearing the wrong (French) uniform and does not recall the last five years (which involve him accusing her of infidelity, and tossing her out, and divorcing her). On the other shelf we have Marjorie M. Liu's A Wild Light, the lastest installment of the Hunter Kiss series, a contemporary urban fantasy about a woman who protects humans from the things that wish to harm them, taking place in Seattle, and a few other planes as well. Both very enjoyable. And I felt both of them worked with the amnesia stories well.
Edited for typos.