Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Lose Weight in Two Hours

No, I do not have plans to turn this into a weight loss blog. But you know all those ads for this magic piece of exercise equipment or fabulous weight loss pill that will make you go from this to this in just months or even weeks? And probably you had sort of noticed that people in the before pictures usually look unhappy and they look happy in the after. And often it looks like they maybe got better lighting, makeup and hairstyling in the after picture. And certainly anyone (like me, for example) whose watched enough makeover shows knows how the right clothes, hair and makeup can make you look better even without popping pills or exercising. (Not that I am against exercising. In theory, I hear it's very good for you.) But what if I could (well, not me personally, but I will hand you free of charge, the link) make you look better in two hours?
Well these people proved that it can be done, with some cosmetic stuff, some new clothes, some push ups (yeah, I know, exercise, but they did all of the above in two hours. And they got this.

H/T to Five Full Plates for the Link.