Monday, May 24, 2010

Obligatory Cat Blog Post

Obligatory Cat Blog Post
I have a cat.  She is what the call tortoise shell colored, which is a variation of calico.  She also has an orange strip that is down the middlish part of her face. I live in an apartment building where the apartments are configured in U-shapes so that everyone gets a window.  I am in the middle of a U, so I can see the windows of several apartments on the U-edges. So, I knew that someone new was moving in a few apartments down when I kept seeing all the work guys in during the day (they had the windows and shades open).  And then the work guys went away, but I started seeing a cat in the window (window and shades are closed, so the cat is all I see).  And I pondered that next time my cat went for her dose of kitty TV (we have some good bird activity out the window) that my cat might see this other cat and while cats seem to understand windows, there might be some peering, possibly followed by a warning hiss. 
Well, it never seemed to happen.  I would see the other cat when my cat was taking her turn napping in the kitchen or the closet. My cat would check on the birds and the other cat would be gone from the window.  Then, as spring got, well, springier, the light improved and I caught a glimpse of other cat in the sunlight and realized that other cat was also a tortie.  So, of course*, I pondered the possibility that my cat had found a secret passageway or had found an entrance to the vents leading just to this one apartment. 
Well, today, while as far as I can tell they still haven't spotted each other, other cat appeared in the window while my cat was sleeping next to my chair. 

*Yes, of course.  Wouldn't you?