Friday, May 21, 2010

A Difference in Creepy

A Difference in Creepy
So, I saw over at DCist that a so-called creepiest roommate ad on Craigslist ever is making the rounds.  For the moment, the ad is here. The creepy part (and YMMV) is the request for roommate participation in bowel movement checklist.  And I could see how that would cause concern and certainly raise questions (such as what are you planning to do with the record of my movements?).  But, no, people, I am here to tell you that while I might scroll to the next listing, my creepy bar remains set at high for a listing I found - also on Craiglist - back in 2006.  This one, which I preserved in an email to my roommate at the time, offered a 100% discount on the rent if you agreed to chain and spank the lister one a week.  And again, YMMV, and consenting adults and all that, but that was the one that I found topped my creepy scale.
Text posted below from the ad. And no, I had not wandered into the adults only section of craigslist.

special room for rent $699

Room available in a two-bedroom, two-bathroom house with a cute basement dungeon in the Mt. Pleasant neighborhood.
I am looking for a very special tenant. I am a man of rather short stature (some people call me a little person, but I don't mind being referred to as a midget) and I'm prepared to rent the room to a liberal, open-minded girl rent-free if she will chain me up and spank me at least once a week.
Have no other requirements other than the common area be kept relatively clean and the rent/bills being paid on time.
This is a serious post. Please contact me if you're interested and we can arrange a time for you to see the place.

Neighborhood info:,_Washington,_DC,+Washington,+DC