Monday, May 03, 2010

Fun Was Had

Fun Was Had
Pictures will arrive later this week.  (Probably.)  But this first weekend of May in the DC area was it's normal packed self. Saturday was  Passport DC, aka the non-EU Embassy Open House (the EU countries have theirs next week).  Due to some straegic plotting, that seemed to work out, we managed to make it to seven before heat and hunger demanded a stop.  We hit Benin, Haiti, Korea, Sri Lanka, Senegal, Serbia, and Zambia. (A few others along the way were passed up due to lines, or tour restrictions.  And sadly, contrary to the literature, Kyrgyzstan was not open.  Some had food and or drink (Sri Lanka and Zambia). Serbia had a large game being played in the yard. Benin had a lovely local crafts display and was going to have drummers in a few hours. Korea had exhibits and an intriguing pop video that included the singer shooting storm troopers. Haiti had a great building. Sri Lanka also had the choice to try on native dress. 
Sunday had me getting up much too early to attend the youth's worship service. They were, as usual, amazing and awesome.  One teen shared a story about our winter retreat, that while highly amusing to those of us there, possibly worried some present and future parents a bit since it involved fire.  (Towel on top of an old heater.  Towel was quickly tossed in the snow with no injury to anyone present.) Many parents thanked the adult advisors, although it often seems to me that we jsut watch it all happen. (Yes, we facilitate and guide the discussions too.)
And then, after a quick food and drink stop (church AC is not yet on), I headed to the Sheep and Wool Festival.  Despite having left my phone in it's charger managed to run into most of the people I knew would be there.  I managed to get what may be my smallest hall yet since I refused to wander, although I'm not sure my wallet can tell the difference.  Hung out for quite some time at Carolina Homespun where the lovely Yarnagogo was signing books.  It was great and I came home to collapse and recover on the couch afterwords.

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Beck said...

I think I spent the least this year in time and money at MS&W. We got there at 10 and was done by lunch time. It was just too hot to really wander around, and too crowded.