Saturday, January 17, 2009

Famous to Children and Adults

My brother and I were watching "The Emperor's New Groove" at my mother's house when my mother came in from another room to marvel at the voice of Esme and then, in response to our fairly blank stares demand that we listen more closely. Eventually she gave in and told us that it was Eartha Kitt - a name we recognized, but we as a Millenial and a Gen Xer respectively, were not able to identify by voice.
When Paul Newman passed away last year, it was sort of interesting thing, that his last movie had been "Cars", such that a new generation (have we named this next crop yet?) would know him primarily as Doc Hudson.
And now we have lost Ricardo Montalban. I am old enough certainly to remember "Fantasy Island" and yet, I know there are many teens and tweens who will know Mr. Montalban primarily for his wonderful work as the fabulously named Senor Senior Sr. (father, of course, to Senor Senior Jr.) in "Kim Possible". Regardless, he will be missed.