Friday, January 09, 2009

Book Rant : Pets and other Companions

So, I read this great book. And you know how early on, you're gathering up bits, waiting t see which detail turns out to be important. Well, I paid special attention to the heroes dog. The hero had been accused of being a workaholic so I was figuring the dog might help clue him in on that. Or that he would bring the dog over to the heroine's house either to better get into her good graces or as an excuse to keep coming over (well, the dog's already here...). And yes, I can be quite the cynical reader.
You'll be glad to hear that none of those things happened. Instead, about halfway through the book the dog disappeared (until the epilogue). And I have to tell you, because my cynical self had spun out all these dog related scenarios, it bugged the crap out of me. The hero was spending all this time over at the heroine's house and I kept wondering if the hero had a doggie door or if the poor (fictional) dog was stuck inside.