Monday, January 26, 2009

7 Things: US Flag

Okay, in honor of all the incorrectly hung flags I have scene in these inaugural days, I present, 7 Things about the US flag. (Seriously, even the one in my apartment building is hung wrong, even after I told them.)
1. There is a star for each state, a stripe for each original colony. (Most kids learn this in school, but just in case.) The red stripes go on the outside, so seven red, six white. (By the way, there's a perfect spot for the DC star...)
2. When the flag is flying on a pole, the stars go next to the pole.
3. Pole mounted flags should be taken down during inclement weather and at sundown. They may remain up at night if they are lit.
4. When the flag is hung on a wall or other surface the stars go in the top left corner. This is true whether the flag is hung vertically or horizontally.
5. If the flag is in an array with other flags*, the US flag gets special standing by being displayed either left-most or highest. (Small pennant flags can be displayed above the flag.)
6. The US flag is to be hoisted, or placed first, and removed last.
7. The flag is to be stored carefully, with care that it not touch the ground.

*I imagine other countries have different rules about flag presentation, so again, this applies to the US flag when displayed in the US.