Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Proper Emails

So, here's the thing; you might not be surprised to hear that I can often take a breezy tone in email, even work emails. However, I usually try to establish a rapport with people before loosening up. Which is why I was surprised to get an email with the subject, "Dang". Now I recognize dang is a pretty tame word. But the email was sent from a non-profit who has me on their list as a potential volunteer for their annual fundraiser. Now, I have yet to meet the volunteer organizer, and I did not participate (as a volunteer or guest) in this year's fundraiser, although it apparently went well. (Yay!) But I thought sending the whole list an email headed Dang, was, shall we say, interesting. And the response a co-worker sent just reinforced my suspicion that they had forgotten all the volunteers on the list and possibly meant to hit reply rather than reply to all. Now, no harm done, it was just an interesting moment.