Thursday, October 02, 2008

Double Sided Scarf

I purchased Custom Knits by Wendy Bernard in part because, thanks to Ravelry, I noticed quite a few Wendy Bernard patterns in my completed projects. And I immediately queued a good number of them (The rest may follow, I was trying to be a bit reasonable.)
Both Sides Scarf 1
The Looks Good on Both Sides Scarf was one of those great, easy to memorize patterns, and also really portable. I had some Plymouth Royal Bamboo in three different colors that I wanted to use.
Both sidesNow, I love the finished project. However, this is some of the splittiest yarn I have ever used. I really think this is the yarn that people who think bamboo is wimpy used for their first bamboo. So, I love the scarf, but I don't know that this yarn would be a good choice for something like a sweater or gloves.
Both Sides Scarf