Monday, October 20, 2008

Books: Any Given Doomsday

I received an ARC of Lori Any Given Doomsday from Library Thing.
Elizabeth Phoenix is a touch psychic. She used to be a cop, but being able to figure stuff out without supporting evidence turned out to be problematic. Also, something happened with her partner, which I imagine will get more fully explained later.
Liz's foster mother is killed, her fellow foster child and first love Jimmy turns back up in town and it turns out that her foster mom was a seer who could sense the various monsters roaming the earth and Jimmy was one of the folks who took care of such monsters. And Liz now has her foster mom's job.
So, the doomsday thing? Well, the story uses a mishmash of Judeo-Christian and ancient Greek mythology with some other stuff thrown in. (This is not to imply that the story seems familiar, these pieces are used well and as foundation pieces.) So, the texts proclaim that when the leader of the light (Liz's foster mom) is killed, next is doomsday. So, Liz is now replacement for what looks to be the period that decides the fate of all humanity, so no pressure or anything.
And so Liz needs to get up to speed quickly, which involves paying a visit to the guy her foster mom sent her to as a teen to get better in touch with her psychic gift. A guy who, even at fifteen she found both creepy and strangely hot.
Liz is a big smart ass who can't resist needling those around her. This might be annoying if she wasn't constantly surrounded by obnoxious and stubborn males trying to tell her what to do. She does resist her gifts a bit, but also adjusts well considering we dive into her life during a pretty crappy few weeks.
I liked it and look forward to the next installment. I had some quibbles, some of which happen much too late for me to discuss, but nothing that totally killed it for me.

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