Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Interesting Note

In my ever so humble opinion, the selection of sympathy e-cards is pretty crappy. Now I recognize that sending a sympathy e-card, is in and of itself, skating if not landing on tacky, but there are situations and circumstances where something like an e-card seems swifter, although certainly timeliness should not be the greatest concern when it concerns someone losing a family member.*
Now, in general I avoid super treacly cards, because that's just not me. But I can't imagine why I would want to send someone a card in such a sad time, on which they would have to click play. Perhaps I am overreacting, perhaps by the time you are ready to face any such thing, like opening an e-card, clicking play is hardly a big hurdle. Then there's the sad, sympathy music, and the scrolling graphics. There's reason I tend to end up using blank cards for these things. I just, ugh. I know some folks probably worked really hard on crafting these cards, and I am sure they have worked for some people, but really, I looked through and thought, I can not send any of these. Not one.
Do you think my Monopoly cards or my Candyland cards are a better choice? (Kidding. Really, I just thought I needed to end on a less depressing note.)
*Point of clarification, I have not recently lost any family members. Please don't worry.