Thursday, February 07, 2008

Things People Should Know: Boots

I generally think that catcalling is stupid. I have been told that it is a cultural thing and possibly that is so, but I guess I don't see the point. Am I supposed to be flattered that you think I deserve attention? This is not a lack of self esteem talking, but let's face it, if it's a cold day and all you can see is my puffy coat and shoes and I get the same level of response as when I am in more attractive clothing, well then, clearly the catcalling has little to do with me. (Is there a protocol for catcalling those in drag? Hmmm. May have to do field study...)
Anyhoo, I bought some new boots at Zappos.

And yesterday, even though it was a bit warm for boots (thank you, weather gods)I wore them out. So, not only did I get cat called, my boots got some attention to. Yes, erm, it seems that catcaller wanted to know if I liked to ride horses. (Sure, horses.) Sadly, I did not stop to pursue this line of questioning. But really, these a great boots, kick butt even, I think it's just as well I didn't engage.