Friday, February 22, 2008

Nutty Jeans

So. There was a Noro sale, and we all know how I am about the variegated. But, I hit the latter portion of the sale, so lots of Cash, not as many matching Silk Garden skeins. But really, isn't the point of yarns like Silk Garden that the color changes. So I bought a bunch that coordinated. (I think it was four.) And I picked up some Cascade because the original plan in my head was to use Cascade to break it up a bit and to make this not the most expensive sweater ever. (Not that I don't deserve a fabulous sweater and not that the stack of Noro I went home with was cheap either. But this was my thinking.)
So - what pattern did I have in mind. Mr Greenjeans.
Well, I ended up using less Cascade than planned, and went back to find more cash for the button band but ended up finding some Cascade Pastaza - ooh camel. Interesting. And both because the pastaza is a little less drapey and because I found a cut pin at a department store, I forwent (??) the actual, you know, button. So here it is in action.
Crazy Jeans Back
Love the pattern. I shortened the sleeves. The pattern went, for me, super fast, then it languished a bit while I got around to the button band. I'm very happy with the results.
Crazy Jeans