Monday, February 25, 2008

Nearest Book(s)

I saw this meme over at The Way I See It. The problem, if you choose to view it like that, is I sit next to a bookshelf. It is where the recently read (or re-read) books sit until the organizational fairy comes and smacks me and I move them to the organized shelf. So...I got a little carried away.
Rules: Pick up a book (nearest, theoretically). Open to page 123. Starting with the fifth sentence down, share the next three sentences. Quite fun.

Kay Hooper's Sleeping With Fear
Leah: It looked like things were going really well for you two, that we'd find out all this supposed occult stuff was just nonsense and Gordon was fretting for nothing. Now, with this murder, everybody's tense and jumpy, and none of us can think much about anything else. Occult or not, something's sure as hell going on.

Gena Showalter's Awaken Me Darkly
I gave a scissor-lock squeeze around his midsection forcing him to release my arms and focus on my legs. That's all I needed. With a four-finger jab to his trachea, his air supply was momentarily cut off, giving me the perfect opportunity to spring free.

Jill Monroe's Primal Instincts
Ava: Actually, I think the man's next moves are somewhat tougher. You have to show how big and powerful you are. You'll be a little louder than I am. Your motions will be broader, demonstrating the strength of your hand and arms.*

Vicki Pettersson's Scent of Shadows
Ben was the only person left who knew me as I was really meant to be.
I did nothing to disturb the silence of the house, moving quietly through the dining room and kitchen, knowing Ben was here, somewhere, sleeping. I couldn't help but try to scent out another woman's presence, even if it was just a whiff of perfume long gone stale as weeks, and hopefully months, had rolled by.

Wendy Roberts, The Remains of the Dead
"You're ready," Sadie said breathlessly. Sometimes the wonder of it all still amazed her. "Goodbye, Mrs. Yenkow."

Sandra Scoppetone, This Dame's for Hire
"How's tricks," I asked.
"Not a good way to greet a psychic," she said smiling, We went inside.

Consider yourself tagged if you wish to be.

*Yeah, I used four sentences, it just looked prettier for that excerpt.