Friday, February 15, 2008

Movie Knitting

Yes, so I went to the movie for the first time in who knows how long. (My movie buddy could not remember what the last thing she had been to with me or otherwise was either.) So, I needed movie knitting. The Cobblestone Pullover has proved to be great for knit night knitting, but I had visions of emerging from the dark to discover I had messed up the garter stitch strips something awful (hey, it's hard to knit garter stitch in the round - okay, harder at least).
I had some yarn bought in Redskin-esque colors laying around and that, plus some internet browsing led me to the Unbiased pattern. I have to say, this was enough fun, and a quick enough knit, that I can really see doing this again with something like Noro.
So, continuing my love affair with The Fibre Company (I bought some more this weekend, I really am an addict), this yarn is Savannah Bulky in Crimson and Marigold.
Bias pieces 4
To make the Marigold a little more gold, I carried Be Sweet Extra Fine Mohair in Tobacco with it.
Bias pieces 3
The two solid sides were done in the theater, the stripey sides were done in daylight. (I probably could have done stripey in the theater, especially sine I was going for random stripes, but the movie ended before that choice had to be made.)
I knit it on 8's which is smaller than typically called for with Savannah to try to account for the garter stretch and the change in fibers (the patter called for Sari silk). I'll have to road test the bag, but so far I am really impressed with this pattern - the simplicity allows for a lot of fun.