Tuesday, July 11, 2006


I am hunting for a new place to live. It occurs to me that home hunting and dating are very similar. So much so, that this is likely not the first time someone has noted it. The only big exception I can come up with (other than the obvious) is that they say love finds you when you are not looking and I feel fairly certain that does not work with apartments.

But in both cases you start off with a long list of requirements. As you see more and more places (or people) your list begins to change. Some things fall off the list (maybe I could live outside the Beltway and not die). Things you had not previously thought of end up on the list (must not floss teeth with book cover). And you realize that in the end, you are not going to find perfection. You will hopefully find something that suits your current needs and will grow well with you. It won't always work out. Sometimes hidden clauses or quirks will appear.

There will be adjustments and compromises. But if you find the right combination of all that, it will be worth it. I hope.