Thursday, July 20, 2006

Project Runway - Ep 2

I'm not going to try to recap the whole episode, there are lovely people who already do that. One of the reasons I hesitated to try to encapsulate the various characters after the first episode, is we all know things develop very differently than first impressions might lead you to believe.

Before, I get into that - two things I wanted to point out that I'm glad to see back this season. I'm glad they have brought back immunity for the winner. I think, as others have speculated, offering immunity encourages the designers to try for winning rather than just surviving. Certainly not all of the designers aimed for mediocrity last season, and of course Jay - who won the first season never won any of the challenges, but still I think it adds incentive. Which makes more fun for me!

Also, I'm glad to see that the model choosing has returned to season 1 format - with the winner picking first, and then random for the rest. I think it encourages swapping (at least at the beginning) in the best way. Last season only letting people change if the winner changed, meant there were few changes and people got very attached to their model, and therefore really affronted if there was a switch.

(And by the way, if you haven't seen the episode, I am going to spoil, to stop reading.)

So some snap judgments, or since it is the second episode, whatever the judgment is made with slightly more (if highly edited) information.
Allison - While I didn't love what you and Jeffrey created, I have high hopes for your work.
Angela - You didn't make a sketch because you were so busy trying got suck up to Kayne. So in the end no one picked you (client or designer). And, I think Vincent's a bit nutty, so I understand that it would be challenging to work with him. But really, you told him the idea sucked. I understand the frustration of a team member who isn't clear on how you can contribute. And after all your complaints, the dress was nice. It wasn't the best, but it certainly wasn't the worst. So, suck it up. Here's hoping (for the sake of everyone else) that you're gone by the next team challenge. (Note: Apparently the wonderful Tim Gunn tried to negotiate some discussions on contribution between them and Vincent wasn't interested. How much of this is due to Angela's poo-pooing the design continuously, who knows.)
Bonnie - I'm a little worried about you, but time will tell.
Bradley - Can't decide - is it cute nervous or annoying nervous.
Jeffrey - You are getting on my nerves. Oh, and femi-nazi is not code for bitch. Don't use it if you don't know what it means. Actually, just don't use it.
Katie - I think your inexperience may end up being a problem (you are not this year's Daniel), but you worked hard on a design you weren't sure of.
Keith - On my nerves, babe.
Kayne - I love that you didn't assume you were a shoo-in with your pageant experience. I love that you took a risk (in a good way) with the color and made it work. And you created a fabulous dress! (Which won!)
Laura - I love that you picked a teammate you knew would stand up to you, and the dress was elegant!
Malan - I had thought I would dislike you. You seemed so pretentious, but I just melted when you talked about how your mother told you fashion was silly and you were going to make it in spite of it. The design was a great idea, it just didn't work out. And you bravely took responsibility for the vision, and then the failure. Bye bye, Malan! Maybe next season!
Michael - So far you're work has been great. Looking forward to seeing what else you bring.
Robert - I still think you should have won last week, and this week you proved to be an excellent team member, supporting your teammate's choices on the runway.
Uli - The judges loved your design (so what do I know), but while interesting, I didn't feel your dress worked as either a pageant dress, or, as Tara had requested, a red carpet dress.
Vincent - I think you're a little nutty babe. And hey, I wouldn't want to work with anyone who said my work was ridiculous. But by shutting her out of the process, you eliminated the opportunity to say in the judging that you gave her parts and she didn't execute.