Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Be Careful Out There

In the spirit of the stories I am about to share (link to), let me share a family car moment. My grandfather lost much of his short term memory in his later years, such that he recalled things from ten or more years very well, but had trouble remembering that he was now partially blind, or where he was, and when they were going back home. My grandmother, still understandably adjusting to all of this, drove with my grandfather to the airport to pick up a relative. (This was pre-September 11th, when one could still park the car in the arrivals lane and run in to look for someone.)
Well, she ran in and my grandfather waited in the car. Someone asked my grandfather if he could move the car up a bit. And he said, "Sure." (Or so we imagine). Well, it was a case of the spirit being willing, but the flesh being unable to execute well. So my grandmother got back out of the terminal to discover the car more dinged than it had been when she left - just moments before. Grandpa was okay, the car survived, and no one else was hurt. But next time, Grandma took the keys with her.

Yes, it seems the roads are full of all sorts of hazards and oddities. And I do mean the drivers. A Michigan grandmother got into an argument with her grandson and so - as children have throughout the ages - he decided to find his mother. In grandma's Escalade.

Also in Michigan, yet confined to the stock car track, an eleven year old is in second place for the season.

And in Minnesota, two young drivers set the cruise control and then attempted to switch drivers while the car was in motion. They had apparently never heard the adage about changing horses midstream. It appears the resulting crash did not injure anyone outside the car, and hopefully those inside will recover.

Thanks to Wasted Blog for finding me these gems.