Thursday, July 27, 2006

No, I'm not Getting Commission for This

But I love the Tide to Go! Yes, I know. It's shameless of me. But let's say you're - not a slob - but have been known to spill on your silk pants at lunch. And while you work a desk job, if this is not taken care of, you will forget about the stain and walk nonchalantly around for the rest of the day, not remembering to hunch, or tie a shirt, or do whatever else is necessary to not proclaim to the world, "I am a messy eater!" Enter the Tide to Go.
You have seen the ads. And here's the thing, it pretty much works like that. Okay - not entirely. It doesn't dry with super fast speed, the way it does in the ads. But if, for example your lunch today was a pot pie. And you dropped some glop on your pants. (I love pot pies, but that stuff binding the filling, it's not really gravy, it's not really sauce, it's glop). The very pants you just washed last night. Right smack in the middle of your thigh. So, you pull out your TtG (which interestingly does not smell like Tide to me, but hey, it works). Apply*, rub, and wait. And now it's gone. So cool!

*(Singing optional.)