Thursday, February 08, 2024

Three Interesting Things

1. Sometimes somewhere on social media, someone will say this thing is cool, and I will open a tab and go back to social media, so by the time I get to the tab, I have totally forgotten who or where this person told me this thing.  Short story "End of Play" by Chelsea Sutton is one such thing.  It's wild, appeals to me as a theater lover, and also a person who enjoys short stories that go deep into a thing. 
2. My time on social media Spoutible was short, but I did still have an account there, when I heard about this data leak, and was concerned that the org itself did nothing to communicate this well to users who were not active on the site.  I have not deleted my account.
3. I hadn't really thought there was that much variation in tennis balls these days, though I certainly had noticed that injured seemed to be taking out a lot of players.  So this article discussing the differences,and how players are hoping for better standardization was interesting.