Monday, February 12, 2024

Adjustments and Enjoyment

I've had a week where my body has reminded me how connected everything is. How doing a thing here, affects a thing there, and so on. It feels like one of those lessons you learn over and over. 
Lunar New Year was over the weekend, and we switched from one animal to another, and I thought about how switching from a rabbit (or cat) to a dragon signaled a change in movement. In the ways that animal approaches the world, and all of us. 
It can be easy to focus on the cleaning, the desire to have the perfect or best first day. But many of the traditions are about eating favorite foods, gathering with loved ones, and resting. The prep is in service of that. 
I realize there are new year switches that happen - for us on the Northern Hemisphere - late spring, or early fall, or with a wider rotation. 
So whether this past week was a new year, or just mid-February, making time for enjoyment is always a good plan.