Monday, February 05, 2024

A SCUBA tale

A while ago, so like the early aughts, a friend asked me to be her buddy and take SCUBA lessons. It sounded fun. I had been on a trip where I snorkeled a few times, and sometimes us snorkelers were on one side of the thing, an and the SCUBA boat was on the other side, and the SCUBA folks moved faster and got closer to stuff, and did not have to clear their snorkels (or so it seemed). So I was in the right place to be interested even though I had no travel plans to anywhere I wished to SCUBA.
So I did, and I learned there is SCUBA math. I mention this because so many things turn out to have math, and my math teachers had a poster about how math was useful, but I do not recall SCUBA (or knitting) being on there. Maybe it was and I just didn't know yet I would ever care about those things.
So, SCUBA also involves pool lessons. Our first pool lesson was at Holton, and yes, as an alum, I am biased. But I was like cool. I know where it is. I did my lifeguard training in that pool. I'm ready.
But it turned out we were at a semester switch or something.
Worth noting that in SCUBA pool lessons, part of what you practice is sinking to the bottom. So you have all your gear on, and you swim along to the bottom of the pool, looking through your SCUBA mask. And then after the lesson, you kind of want to take a shower and rinse some chlorine off before you trek home.
Anyhoodle, the rest of the lessons were at Georgetown Prep. If that sounds familiar to you, you are either or local or remember the Kavanaugh hearings. Does this have anything to do with my story other than to remind you of my biases? Nope.
Now I also knew where Georgetown Prep was. And again, this was a while ago, I am sure someone has cleaned this all since.
But let's just say, there was not nothing to see on the bottom of that pool. And the lockers were -again, at the time, you are free to tell me they rebuilt it all three years ago.
But, there was a towel in one of the lockers. The lockers were all open face, no doors. The towel was gray. Except a teeny corner on one edge that revealed it had not originally been gray.
I did not put things in the lockers.
But, one of the other students did tell me she liked the Prep pool way better, that the Holton pool had just smelled like chlorine. So see, I'm biased