Tuesday, December 05, 2023

Credit Where Credit is Due

I once spoke to someone who started the interaction with something to the effect of, the last person I spoke to about this obviously didn't know what they were talking about. It's always a weird spot to start. 
And so I looked into this person's stuff, saw the very detailed comment left by the prior person, and related that info. 
They were pleased. And wondered aloud why the last person couldn't have told them that. 
I told them the last person had left clear info, and that was how I was able to give them such a quick and clear answer. 
I thought of this, as I had several calls with a place I was doing business with. And when one call led to my needing to call back, I decided to just go in as if the time between was for them to fix everything for me. And they did. 
We all hear these stories about how frequently we share bad customer stories instead of good ones. And I think sometimes its easy to be like oh no, this one not great call means everything is doomed. But sometimes, it just means, oh, let us work on this. And then all will be resolved.