Thursday, April 22, 2021

Three Interesting Things

1. As you may be aware, a DC Statehood Bill is back under discussion this session.  I have heard a number of silly and ahistorical reasons for the American citizens living in DC to remain disenfranchised over the years.  One recent one was that there aren't even enough people in DC to qualify for congressional representation.  Well, of course, DC has more people than some states, but when you expand that out to congressional districts, DC population is larger than 77 of the current congressional districts.  Also, hi, have you reminded your voting congressperson how much you like enfranchisement lately?
2. A professor is doing a survey of folks who have or do menstruate who have gotten the COVID vaccine to see if there is statistical support for unusual periods post vaccine.  Periods are not something that often get looked at in first round studies of non-hormonal medications.  
3. I had paid a limited amount of attention to the Chauvin trial, so found this piece summing up the specifics of the legal argument that was made interesting. .