Monday, April 12, 2021

Ponderings on a Day

I got my second dose of the vaccine on a beautiful spring day with blue skies. 
The buses were a tiny smidgen fuller than they had been when I went for the first dose. My appointment was near Union Station so I got to see that some of the fencing around the Capitol was down now, although the National Guard staging area is still visible. 
All the flags were at half mast. 
There was a mobile Covid testing site across the street from where I got my shot. 
This is the time of year many flower trees flower. 
Union Station looks odd with all the seating in the food court gone. 
I made tentative plans with a friend to picnic after they get their next dose.  (We are both high risk, so while we have seen each other, it's all been masked.)
For me, a person who has a mild 24 hour reaction to the flu shot, and a longer three days reaction to the pneumonia vaccine, dose 2 took about 24 hours to make itself known.  It was a stronger reaction than the pneumonia vaccine, but resolved faster. Obviously in all cases, better than getting the thing itself.  
Still masking and taking precautions, but glad to be able to be a little less worried about the risk both to myself and others on the virus front.