Monday, February 24, 2020

Writing Community Hashtag or No

I talked to a friend who is also a writer's coach a while ago and when I listed some of my volunteer and paid roles, she laughed and said of course you are.  So, this may not be normal.  Having been a person who existed in reader communities and then also writer communities for some time, I find myself working in, well, more than one.  Partly existing in both the kidlit and the romance spheres (although they overlap) is that you find that while there are differences, of course, most of it is the same.  Good writing is good writing.  The more people's writing journey stories and processes you hear, the more you learn that there are many.  Just as there are many ways to find and connect with writers, even if you don't or can't leave you house.  
For the new NaNoWriMo folks I always recommend trying a lot of things, because writing next to someone can seem silly, but you may not have realized how the social pressure works for you, much like getting a friend to go to a class with you.  But learning and connecting doesn't have to cost much money, and there are ways to do it if you're life doesn't allow for travel or weekends away, or whatever your constraints.  
I find I love it.  Even when people tell me stuff I already know, sometimes the reminder hits exactly when you need it.