Wednesday, February 12, 2020

To All the Boys: PS I Still Love You

My book club had a chance to attend a free screening of this movie.
I confess, I adored the first book in the series. As an old hand at trilogies (I read all the Caitlin trilogies folks) I knew that the second book often takes our couple who is happy, produces tension, and then fixes it. Or fixes it in book 3. Now I read all the Caitlin trilogies, plus many since, so I'm not saying it's not a worthwhile story. Teen me would have discussed this endlessly. Adult me is like, so actually you are sixteen. (I know, I swear I am more empathetic with actual people.)
But I was interested. And I adore Jordan Fisher even though they did not come up with an excuse for him to sing. (He does play piano though.)
Let's actually discuss the movie . Laura Jean and Peter are now dating for real. But she's still unsure about his relationship with his ex Jen. And she volunteers at an old folk's home only to discover that the recipient of the fateful fifth letter is also there. So Lara Jean is struggling, trying to figure out how much of her uncertainty is Jen, how much is being a girlfriend for the first time and not knowing the rules, and how much is that John Ambrose (our final letter recipient) is very nice and easy to talk to.  
There is lots of both aw and awkward moments, befitting a teen movie.
The audience we saw this with was delightfully reactive so when suddenly all the exes and folks are gathered together there was a lot of sympathy noises.
I think the condensing of the plot, and some timing rearrangement served the movie well. Very enjoyable.