Monday, December 09, 2019

You Don't Know What's on That Phone

So I recently had an experience where someone made a particylar point prior to a theater performance to tell me and only me, like the person leaned forward across another patron to tell me, that the performance was starting soon and my phone should be away.
I would like to make the following points. 
The sign this person held actually said phones should be silenced and my phone already was.
The reason the sign said phones should be silenced and not off or away is because this theater has an app that provides closed captioning. You can download the app on your phone and use it to help enjoy the show.
Similarly I have seen museum tours, and more info QR codes in places. Also, someone's phone did ring during that performance. It wasn't mine.
But back to the point, there are an increasing number of scenarios that in places where you previously managed ght have expected phones to be away, phones can be used to enhance and expand the experience one is participating in.
It's boring and silly to assume people on their phones are not participating in the experience around them.
Also, even if they are, so what? I care about the person who's phone ringtone interrupted things, but for all I know that was a really important call.