Friday, December 27, 2019

Things at RWA

I currently hold a leadership position in my chapter, so while I have many thoughts, some of which I shared with the RWA board as myself (rather than as a chapter leader), I am balancing things a bit.
The situation continues to develop, but there is a good round up here:
I have volunteered as a RITA judge this year and took the RWA provided training for such. I completed it with concerns. I typed up a first draft of the letter and then decided to share it in January with RWA's board.
My concerns were (and the official letter I wrote is long and rambling even after I cut it, so I am trying to summarize) that teaching implicit bias absent any discussion of power dynamics or structural bigotry leads people to believe all hurts are equal. 
In my view, this sanctioning of Courtney Milan is exactly an example of that.
Since I sent the letter further concerns have arisen, and well, it is really hard to state what things will look like next week or next month.
RWA is a big ocean liner righting things is always tougher than breaking them.