Friday, November 29, 2019

Three Things to be Thankful For

I have more than three of course, but in keeping with normal weekly traditions we will go with three.  
1. Time spent with loved ones.  I spent this past week with friends.  Some of my family I had the chance to see in October and will again in December.  Some I keep in touch with via social media.  It all counts.  We've had some family stuff this year, reminding us to hug each other close, but the same is true of friends.  The people who will cook for you, share a table with you, drink with you, knit with you, talk books and current events with you, talk TV, and even podcast with you, these are all excellent kinds of people to know.  The furballs are all fun too. 
2. Games. This seems silly, but silly games - from phone games to games to help me keep my wordcount up have been important to my productivity and my happiness this season.  To the people making these things go, I appreciate you.  I also have theater tickets tonight, so really we cna broaden this to all entertainment - be it books, movies, theater, and even board games.  Entertainment is good for us all, and it's hard work. 
3. Food.  From the folks that grow it, to all the folks that work to get it on my table up to and including me.  Food is good.  It's the part of this holiday worth keeping.