Monday, November 18, 2019

Again With This

I had a delightful weekend with friends and fun games and good food. I try to check the news less on weekends, but it's hard to avoid all of it. 
Things have escalated again in Hong Kong. I remain impressed at how committed so many are to pushing back oppression, and saddened for what it must be like for flash bangs, riot police, and tear gas to be normal.
Speaking of normal, if I'm counting correctly there were three mass shootings in the last few days. This as my social media memories reminded me of the anniversaries of others.
Sarah Kendzior had said that one of the things fadcism often does is overwhelms you. There are so many things happening that it seems exhausting even to stay up on what is happening much less try to fix it.
Here in the US we are finally in the early stages of possible impeachment. But also one things these last years (decades?) have continued to show is that bureacracy moves exceedingly slow. Checks and balances require a lot for the check part to show up. So there's a lot of work to be done on the ground and in communities. We can keep pushing for better government, but we also need to have other plans to organize to save as many people as we can.