Thursday, March 28, 2019

Three Interesting Things

1. Kharma Kelley wrote an excellent primer on what allyship should look like (spoiler, it involves listening). It was in response to some of the ways the discussion around the RWA awards has been derailed, but applies to a lot of communities.  Her earlier piece about how a diversity, equity, and inclusion person views the RITAs is also helpful. As many have said, RWA isn't the only group grappling with this, but that doesn't mean RWA can afford to sit back and hope the rest of society gets fixed first. See also yarn folk.  Etc. 
2. This story of local high school girls who came up with a plan for addressing the misogynistic list rating their looks is both wonderful and sad.  I'm so proud of the students that worked with the administration after the initial response was tepid, but sad that they needed to.  
3. Full disclosure, the author of this piece and I attend the same congregation.  Ryden talks about teaching proper conflict resolution in the age of school shootings. 
4. And I'm sneaking in a fourth this week, since I was introduced to the concept of the suck fairy (and siblings including the racism fairy and homophobia fairy) to describe re-reading an old fave and finding it lacking.