Thursday, March 07, 2019

Three Interesting Things

1. UU World published an article that made me mad enough to write a letter to the editor.  They have apologized and produced an action plan.  As I said elsewhere I am optimistic but watchful.  The apology links to this thoughtful piece from CB Beal about the harms this piece caused. I think it's great reading for how folks who mean well can cause harm to the very folks they are trying to be allies to and how we can all do better. 
2. This piece talks about how wonderful it has been to see Selma Blair be open about the challenges of showing up to red carpet events, and working with, through, and around her illness. 
3. Naima Cochrane's piece on "Leaving Neverland" talks about how, while different in approach to "Surviving R Kelly", the documentary looks at the long term effects of grooming behavior, and how death does not truly erase some harms.  For survivors who need assistance, RAINN has some support options here. And 1 in 6, which focuses on male survivors, has a chatline also.