Friday, March 15, 2019

I Remain Mad

I am mad that New Zealand and Brazil both experienced mass shootings this week. 
I am mad that toxic masculinity, anti-Muslim hatred, and a couple of other from the mixed bag of bigotry led to death again. 
I am mad that mass shootings are frequent enough that commenting on each one seems like a lot of work. 
I'm mad when I think how the NRA worked against DC statehood, because they were worried that giving DC residents the full enfranchisement most other American citizens enjoy might lead to less guns. 
I mad that once again a place of worship was shown to not be a safe space. I mad that I can already point you to other times I have talked about this
I mad because I am reminded that my friend who was murdered at work had taken active shooter training at her church. (She is credited with creating a distraction that saved several of her co-workers lives.)
We just hit the ten year anniversary of Geneva County shooting
We just hit the anniversary of the Dunblane shooting
You know what the UK did after Dunblane? They passed even stricter gun laws. I hope New Zealanders and Brazilians feel empowered to take the steps to keep their fellow citizens safe. 
I wish I had any hope that enough of the US government cared about safety more than they cared about gun manufacturing money. 
I am so sorry. The speed of news travel means we can all join together more quickly in triumph and in tragedy. 
I will continue to not just be mad, but to fight to change what I can in my own disenfranchised city. 
I am so sorry more people are learning the pain of having loved ones ripped away in such tragedy.