Monday, June 25, 2018

It's Here!

Update 1: It's here! (On Amazon, other etailers still in progress, I will update this once I have those links.) If you pre-ordered, there were a few minor glitches in the original file, and a subsequent file was loaded this morning, so you may wish to update. Update 2: Kobo link is up! Update 3: Apple link is up!
I have a short story in the Cocky Cockers anthology.  My story is a sweet contemporary romance with a woman who finds a dog on her porch and teams up with her cute next door neighbor to look after it. There's a good range in there from a number of authors. The lovely Jackie Barbosa wrangled us all together.  And the title is not just in fun, each story includes a cocker spaniel. The money raised from the anthology will go to any legal costs, if necessary, and then to the Romance Writers of America Perseverance Fund, which helps defray the costs of dues and membership fees for members in need.  

The book is available on Amazon and Kobo and Apple. I'm so excited about this.  
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