Friday, June 08, 2018


I have been engaging in a complex series of sport superstitions this year. The realization that there are college kids who can't remember when DC sports teams didn't seem like the worst teases was tough. I am not a lifelong hockey fan. I came to it later. But it is currently the only area sports team I ever had season tickets to. All sports are different live, but I maintain that hockey does the best job of welcoming you in and taking you along for a huge ride. 
The the Vegas Knights fans. Welcome to the highs and the lows of sports fandom. 
To the Caps - the players and all the people who make it go, to the fans new and old, and to the rest of you all in DC this week, congrats. I have a New Yorker tell me that never had he seen a city live and die by it's sports teams as much as DC. We are in a great mood right now.